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I alway get asked a lot of  questions about this and about that.
Here are a couple of them

How did you become a One Man Band?

I was a singer/songwriter playing guitar and harmonica in the early eighties. Watching Otto&Bernelli perform at a buskers festival impressed me a lot. So I decided to build up a One Man Band. I went to an antique shop in my hometown and bought this huge old drum. On my way home a man came up to me and asked me " Where did you get this nice drum. Do you wanna sell it ?".
I didn't want to and since this time this drum is the main part of my backpack.

Why are you playing banjo and not guitar?

So I have to keep in tune only 4 strings. I hate tuning

Why don't you use a harmonica like most of the other One Man Bands do ?

I play harmonica, but not with the One Man Band. I would have to keep the banjo in tune with the harmonica. And I hate  tuning.

Have you ever been to China?

No, but I have a good friend over there. He likes Lock'n Loll a lot. His name is Tu Ning.

What kind of songs are you singing?

All different kinds of blues, rock, pop and folk songs. Also I do a lot of Hans Möckel originals written in badisch. The badisch( not baddish) language is a kind of german being spoken in the south west area of germany.